The multifunctionality of the Big Easy that will surely impress you!

The Big Easy® is a unique multi-tool that enables the griller to airfryer, smoke/roast/skewer large cuts of meat or an 11-pound whole chicken, and grill on the TRU-Infrared™ grill without any unwanted side effects. ignitions. The heat is dissipated behind two double stainless walls retaining the meat's liquids, resulting in large cuts of meat becoming juicy.

Char Broil's TruInfrared System

Grills with Char Broil's TruInfrared system are designed to trap heat and distribute it evenly across their entire surface. Liquids and fat that fall on the hot surface evaporate instantly and return in the form of steam to our food, keeping it juicy and soft, while preventing annoying flames.

Stainless Steel Burners

More resistant to time and wear than any other type of burner. They are the heartbeat of any grill since they generate and transmit the necessary heat through multiple holes, which allow the gas to escape in the form of a flame.

Electronic Ignition

With the electronic ignition function you can light your burners with the simple push of a button. The matches are over!

Enamel Grills

They are porcelain-coated grills, they distribute heat evenly and offer an additional non-stick surface. With proper care they will last for several years.


Grill Type: Fixed / Portable

Fuel type: LPG

Compatible Bottles: 10 kg or 5 kg

Black color

Country of Origin: USA


Number of Burners: 1

Burner Construction Material: Stainless Steel

Total Burner Power (kw): 16.00

BTUs: 65000

Electronic Start System: Yes

Side Burner: No


Size of Grilling Surface (L*W or Ø cm): 43 Ø + 8 kg of meat inside

Grill Material: Porcelain Enamel

Spit Reception: No

TruInfrared: Yes


Height (cm): 92.00

Height with the lid open (cm): 125.00

Grill diameter (cm): 59.50

Weight kg: 28.30


Lid Construction Material: Cast aluminium

Double Walled Lid: Yes


Thermometer: No

Ash Collector: Yes

Fat Collector: Yes

Ventilator / Air Adjustment: No

Heat Resistant Handle: Yes

Wheels: Nope

Holder and chamber for smoking wood

Gas grill - Smoker THE BIG EASY Char-Broil

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